Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 1

Hey guys it's Brendan.  Today is day one of my new life and I thought I'd share a few things with you.  I decided to post some pics about my day, including food I ate and some tips on eating out.  Today I went to this huge outdoor mall with my family (and got some great exercise walking around) and we ate at BJs Brewhouse.  Now with this diet I'm trying to be realistic.  There are going to be times when you eat out, so telling you to only eat homecooked diet food is just not going to happen.  Below you will see a look back at my day.   In the future I will have someone filming me but today I just took some pics.  FYI, I am staying within a 2000 calorie budget, or 39 points for you Weight Watchers.  Determining your points value is easy, just log onto or go to a meeting.  Because I used to go to Weight Watchers meetings,   I like to count points as well as calories.

Day 1


2/3 cup dry rolled oats, cooked with 1 cup water - 2 pts, 170 calories
2 packets sucralose sweetener - 0 pts, 0 calories
1 tbsp. buttery spread (such as Smart Balance) - 1 pt, 60 calories
pinch of cinnamon
1 clementine fruit - 1 pt, 40 calories
BREAKFAST TOTAL: 4 pts, 270 calories


Fish Tacos (with dressing and sauces on the side) - 14 points, 650 calories
Diet Pepsi - 0 pts, 0 calories
LUNCH TOTAL: 14 points, 650 calories


Apple (large) - 2 points, 70 calories
Light String Cheese - 2 points, 60 calories
1 slice low-calorie wheat bread (such as Sara Lee) - 1 pt, 60 calories
2 dill pickles - 0 pts, 5 calories
SNACK TOTAL: 5 points, 195 calories


3/4 cup Turkey sausage and shrimp jambalaya (Weight Watchers recipe,
       7 pts, 360 calories
Salad mix (romaine and field greens) - 0 pts, 20 calories
Light yogurt dressing - 2 points, 70 calories
DINNER TOTAL: 9 points, 450 calories


1/2 cup non-fat yogurt - 3 pts, 140 calories
Microwave popcorn (94% fat free) 1/2 bag - 1 point, 100 calories
SNACK/DESSERT TOTAL: 4 pts, 240 calories

DAY TOTALS: 36 points, 1,805 calories

I opted to have a large lunch, so I had a lighter dinner. tacos!  Restaurants are getting a lot better at providing healthy meals, and most have options clearly noted on their menus.  The particular restaurant I ate at had a "healthy selections" section, where all the items were under 700 calories.  They had pizza, salads, and sandwiches.  Remember, you can eat what you want in moderation and still lose weight, just make smarter decisions.    Opt for diet soda, dressing and sauces on the side, and substitute side dishes.  Salads are great replacements for fries, plus they are packed with nutrients and fiber which keeps you fuller longer.  Ask for low-fat dressings, or vinaigrettes.  After my fish tacos my hunger was held over for nearly 5 hours.  Pick filling foods with protein and fiber (ie vegetables, fruits and whole grains).  Yum!!
Full and satisfied!!  Depriving yourself is unrealistic.  It's certainly not impossible, but for people who have struggled with their weight, being really strict with your diet can lead to a binge later on.  Take it from me, I have been on the slim-fast diets, the meal replacement cookies, etc.  I ended up stuffing my face with real cookies two days later, as well as
ice cream and potato chips.  Starting slow is the best way to go.  Give yourself a chance!
 The outdoor mall was perfect for getting those legs moving.  My mom and I strolled around for about an hour, picking up some grandbaby clothes along the way.
I thought this shirt was so funny.  What can I say? it speaks the truth.  (FYI, Twinkies will NOT be on my diet plan. Indulgence (within reason) is fine, but pick something made of real food for dessert.)

So the day went pretty well.  I was under my point and calorie budget and did my workout (which will be discussed tomorrow).  I know a lot of you are thinking "WOW. That's a lot of calories!"  Well yes, it is. But I'm a 258 pound 6 foot tall male. Not everyone will have a 2000 calorie budget.  I'm trying to lose weight in a healthy, slow manner.  This calorie budget means I will lose up to 2 pounds a week.  The first week will always show the most weight loss because you lose water weight. Don't be discouraged when you lose 7 pounds your first week and only 2 the following week.  This is normal and healthy.  Stick with it!  Whether your budget is 2300 or 1400, you can do it!!  (FYI, to determine your calorie budget check out this article:

Until tomorrow, HAPPY LOSING!


  1. Awesome, Brendan! Good advice and good writing! Totally relatable! After a year+ on this new eating plan of mine, I can always use a little fresh motivation! Thanks!

  2. Week 1 = Transition (transition week)
    Week 2 = Groove (get into the groove week)
    Week 3 = Challenge (get into the workout and Challenge yourself week. Use more weight, do more reps, complete the workout faster but using good form)
    Week 4 = Smile week (smile week - you're going to have a big fat smile on your face because you're feeling better, getting stronger, more positive spirit, and kicking ass!)

    Good job, Brendan!