Friday, February 11, 2011


Hello there.  My name is Brendan and I am going to use this video blog to record my weight loss journey.  First I will tell you a little about myself.  I am a 22-year-old male and I live in Reno, NV.  I am a college student and am currently unemployed, but looking for a job (fingers crossed).  I live at home with my parents.  My interests include film, music, art (in which I have an associate's degree) and internet culture.

I wanted to make this blog for a number of reasons.  First off, I have struggled with my weight since I was eight years old.  I have always been a "big guy" and have always been very self-conscious about it.  I have tried numerous fad diets and am living proof that weight loss is a difficult battle to fight.  But it can be done.  In 2008 I dropped 35 pounds using Weight Watchers.  Trouble is, a diet is not a temporary thing.  It is a full lifestyle change and when I stopped recording what I ate, I gained it all back.  Food has always been a source of comfort for me.  I eat when I'm sad.  I eat when I'm happy.  I eat when I'm displaying ANY emotion.  I'm sure a lot of you can relate.  It's a vicious cycle and it is making us ill and killing us .  Obesity is deadly and it is more prominent now than ever.  I don't want to be another statistic.

Second, I was thinking about how alone I can feel sometimes when I am trying to lose weight.  Just like drug addiction recovery (which I have also struggled with), weight loss requires a support system.  By posting videos of my progress I can help reach out and educate others who want to change their lives as well.  I will be more than willing to answer your questions and share my experience in every way.  "Motivation" is my word of the year.  It's a word I want to incorporate into many facets of my life, especially weight loss.  Make it your word.  I hope to inspire and motivate others through motivating myself.

Lastly, I am not only ready to lose the weight, but I know how to do it.  I have a lot of experience with diet and nutrition.  I have self-taught myself, had mentors, life coaches, trainers and dieticians.  I have a lot of knowledge and I want to share it with whoever wants to listen.  I love to cook and will be posting cooking videos as well as recipes, grocery lists, and tips for eating out, special occasions, etc.  There will be a weekly "weigh-in" where we can see my results and numerous videos to help me (and you) get moving! This is nutrition AND exercise people.  In helping myself, I will be helping you. You can help too!  Feedback is always appreciated.

Weight loss is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE.  Instant gratification is not what we will get.  It requires vigilance and hard work but the payoff is going to be well worth it.  I've had the pleasure of experiencing that payoff before.  I want it again and this time I want it to last. So join me on my adventure!


  1. Awesome! Great looking site, Brendan. I'll be checking in to see how you're doing! Onward and upward! Scott

  2. Can't wait to hear all the trial and tribulations! LOL Movtivation comes from a determined mindset, but it also comes from surrounding yourself with people in like situations. Blogging is great on so many different levels! Yay for us! And if you haven't already, read back to the beginning of my blog... I know, it might take you a while to get through it! But you might relate to some of my old memories of trying to get healthy over the years.
    I'm proud of you! This is awesome!