Friday, March 18, 2011

Facing the Exercise Demon

Exercise is a word that brings many people joy and elation.  For others, it's a word that brings fear and absolute horror.  For me, it's usually the latter.  But when you want to lose weight and learn to better your life, nutrition and exercise are the key.  Not just nutrition, but nutrition and exercise.  Many people think that weight loss just requires them to count calories and eat less, which does work.  But what's the point if you're going to have all that loose skin?  You're trying to become healthier, more attractive and happier.  If you're already working so hard on your diet, why not go the extra mile (literally)?

Here is a true beginner's exercise regimen.  It is simple and it works.  I recently visited my sister and her family in Austin, Texas.  Her husband, Scott, is a passionate fitness expert, life coach and truly inspirational figure.  He runs a fitness bootcamp in Cedar Park, TX, and is full of great knowledge and information. Check out his website at  He recommended this regimen for people who want to start incorporating exercise into their lives.  Going extreme and trying to run a mile a day in your first few weeks is UNREALISTIC, and will most likely lead to you giving up.  Just like nutrition, exercise is something you need to ease into your life.  This quick and easy workout is a perfect way to get a fitness routine ingrained in your daily schedule.  We call it the 10, 10, 10.  It consists of 10 pushups, followed by 10 squats, followed by 10 squat thrusts.  Each day you increase the number by one, so on day two it would be 11, 11, 11, then 12, 12, 12, and so on.  It combines cardio (from the squat thrusts) and strength-training and builds your endurance.  Scott helped me so much to change my thinking when it comes to exercise.  He told me that exercise is something you just need to DO.  So many people tend to over-think it and then fail to deliver.  Don't organize it.  Don't write a routine in your journal.  Don't analyze it. Just move your body!  The results are well worth it.

10 pushups (modify by using your knees)

 10 squats (without the dumbells)
 10 squat thrusts

Each day add 1 more rep to each exercise.  By the 25th day you will be able to do 35 reps each!  It sounds scary, but by then your body will have slowly gained endurance, and you will soar through the reps.  This workout routine is perfect for the total beginner.  Its also low-impact which is great for people with injuries.  Many times I've wanted to start exercising, but I'd overload myself the first few days and then give up.  This routine is the perfect way to incorporate exercise into your life.  It is a commitment that can lead you into the world of exercise and good health and establish a routine, not a set-up for failure.


  1. Nice! Simple, and effective. :-)

  2. Good post, Brendan! Just DO something until it becomes habit. Video, video, video - let's see you do some video blogging!