Thursday, February 17, 2011

I LOST 10 POUNDS!!!!!! (Days 4, 5, 6)

Hey guys!  I had some issues with the last two posts.  My drafts would not save and nothing would post to my blog.  I found out it was because of my computer's security settings.  Anyway, its all taken care of now and I figured I'd combine the last few days into one post instead of rehash the past 72 hours in 3 separate posts.  The past couple days have been pretty awesome. I'm very happy to share that I have reached my February weight loss goal of 10 pounds!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!  I am so happy and proud of myself.  I've been staying within my calorie budget every day for the past week and have been exercising once a day.  (My following post will touch more upon my exercise routine).  I know that the first week of weight loss is always a loss of water weight, but I'm not complaining!  10 pounds is an amazing start!  Today's calorie count is listed below.  I made an awesome oven-fried chicken for dinner with oven-fried zucchini and fresh fruit salad.  Tonight was the first night I've cooked since Tuesday.  Today was a little bit of a cheat day for me though.  I still remained within my budget, but a small portion of those calories came from Hershey Kisses. (It was Valentine's Day and I finally gave into the cheap day-after candy.)  I did not overdo it though, and again losing weight is about working it into your life in the easiest way.  Avoiding Hershey Kisses for the remainder of my weight loss would just be cruel and unusual punishment.  Indulgence is fine, within reason.

P.S.  I just found out about the new Weight Watchers Points Plus system.  You now get a higher daily points target and points values for all foods have changed.  I am still using the old school Weight Watchers points values, but I will be switching to Points Plus in a few days. I am planning on attending a meeting to learn more about it.  Stay tuned, but for now the points values listed are based on the old Weight Watchers system.


1 light string cheese, 1 pt, 60 calories
3 slices deli turkey, 1 pt, 30 calories
BREAKFAST TOTAL: 2 pts, 90 calories


1 cup fresh fruit salad, 2 pts, 100 calories
2 cups Progresso low-calorie chicken noodle soup, 4 pts, 200 calories
1 oz. Sun Chips (French Onion) 3 pts, 140 calories
LUNCH TOTAL: 9 pts, 440 calories


5 Hershey Kisses, 3 pts, 130 calories
2 Oatmeal cookies, 3 pts, 150 calories
SNACK TOTAL: 6 pts, 280 calories


Oven-fried Chicken, 7 pts, 318 calories
Oven-fried Zucchini, 3 pts, 130 calories
Mashed Potatoes (1/3 cup), 2 pts, 120 calories
DINNER TOTAL: 12 pts, 568 calories


1/4 cup M&M's, 5 pts, 219 calories
1/2 cup fat-free frozen yogurt, 3 pts, 120 calories
SNACK/DESSERT TOTAL: 8 pts, 339 calories

DAY TOTAL: 37 pts, 1,717 calories

My only regret for today was that I had too small of a breakfast.  It just wasn't enough nutrition and substance.  I am usually a breakfast-goer but today I just wasn't hungry.  I know this isn't necessarily bad, because sometimes people just aren't hungry in the morning, but I would like to maintain a healthy breakfast on a daily basis.  One more goal. :)

Tonight's recipes were great and perfect for a work or school night. Fresh zucchini and boneless/skinless chicken breasts breaded with herbs and parmesan and then baked until crispy.  All the flavor and crunch of traditional fried chicken without all the crap.  To up the flavor, use cayenne pepper.  Its a great secret for dieters.  It adds flavor (in the form of heat) without adding calories.  It really makes a difference.  It's your new secret weapon.  I also used egg white instead of the traditional whole egg and/or heavy cream.  All you need it for is a binder so you would never tell the difference. We also made a batch of homemade mashed potatoes made with yukon gold potatoes, low-fat milk, salt and a smidgen of real butter.  Real butter is fine to use for that classic flavor.  Just don't use the whole stick.  A tablespoon or two will distribute that creamy quality to your mashed potatoes evenly.  Delicioso!

I want to make my blog more accessible and am in the process of spreading the word. I also want to make my information applicable to anyone, including working single moms, bachelors, empty-nesters, and college students like me.  All of my recipes and food ideas are universal and are possible for just about anyone.  I understand that time is of the essence, but it is also no excuse for eating unhealthy food and letting your body go by the wayside. Take 5 minutes a day to start exercising.  Go online and print a 20 minute recipe.  Work it in however you can, but MAKE IT WORK!  As I mentioned above, not everyone will lose 10 pounds in their first week.  There are numerous factors that contribute to each individual's weight loss.  Just remember that the scale is not the only reflection of your weight loss.  Muscle weighs more than fat, and nothing lies like a ruler.  Take measurements.  I've heard people say it a dozen times: INCHES NOT POUNDS!  Don't give up!

Until tomorrow, happy losing!


  1. Great job Boo!!! We are soooooooooooo proud of you!! Keep it up!

  2. Hay! Thanks for your response to my post. Vary excited to follow you and become blog buds as we travel tis journey together! Follow m y blog, never know what we may learn from one another :)

  3. 10lbs!!! Great job Mr! I'm looking forward to seeing how well you do in the course of your blog.