Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back on the Bandwagon.

Hello all.  The last couple days have been trying for my diet.  I went out with some friends and got caught up in the moment with pizza.  The following day I went to my brother's restaurant with my mom and we had some not-so-figure-friendly appetizers.  In the past, if something like this happened I would usually give up and say "screw it" but this time is different.  This time I am not going to let the past affect my present.  I may have indulged in a few extra calories but that's life.  It only makes me stronger.  I could have easily lied and pretended like I've been being good, but then I would feel like I was cheating and letting people down.  Today was a new day and I did great!  Lately I've been going out to eat a lot.  It's hard to have a social life and avoid it.  So far I've done pretty well and have found some awesome healthy choices.  Today I went to Dickey's Barbecue Pit with my friend Kerry and as we stepped inside I was a little worried.  I whipped out my iPhone and googled the restaurant's nutrition info.  We are so lucky to have instant access to stuff like this these days.  I put together an awesome meal.  I had white meat pulled chicken on a bun with pickles, onion and barbecue sauce.  Although there was potato salad, mac and cheese, and baked potato casserole staring me in the face, I chose a side of baked beans and a small side salad with dressing on the side.  Who would have thought eating barbecue could be healthy!?  I'm finding it easier and easier to eat out sensibly and actually enjoy the food.  I think people assume that if they can't have a cheeseburger and fries they won't be satisfied.  Not the case at all!  I think with the obesity epidemic restaurants are really starting to catch on and offer some more healthy choices.  Anyway, even though I had a few cheat meals, I still maintained my 10 pound weight loss which I'm stoked about.  I guess my body was giving me a freebie, but I definitely won't test it again.

Last night I watched "I Used To Be Fat" on MTV.  I have been hearing about the show for a while and finally got around to watching it.  The show follows a young man or woman, usually just out of high school or in college, who are overweight and want to change their lifestyle.  Last night's subject was Kelly, a high school graduate who had been struggling with her weight since her father died when she was a little girl.  It was sad to see her struggle with those emotions, because I definitely know what it's like to eat your way through them. The show typically follows the subject through their entire weight loss journey.  Kelly wanted to lose 50 pounds before she went off to college.  She had 72 days to do it.  She got fixed up with a life coach who kicked her butt with exercise and gave her some awesome nutritional help.  Throughout her journey, Kelly began to open up and come out of her shell.  She had a very hard time expressing her emotions and always kept her grief (from her father's untimely death) inside.  Through working out and losing weight she became a happier person and learned to express herself.  I think it is so awesome that exercise and weight loss can not only help you look great and feel confident, but can also help you become a happier person and learn to defeat your demons.  Kelly was such a champ and after 72 days, she lost exactly 50 pounds.  She had become an entirely new person and it was truly inspiring.  I've been loving the recent weight loss shows on TV.  I've also been religiously watching "Heavy" on the A&E channel. The show is very similar to "I Used to Be Fat" in that it follows an overweight or obese individual on their journey to a healthier life.  I love how more and more shows like this are hitting the mainstream.  We are in such a critical time when it comes to health and we could use all the information and inspiration we can get.  I plan on reviewing "Heavy" this upcoming Monday so stay tuned.

See you guys soon!

P.S.  I've had a few people asking me about my exercise routine and I have been meaning to post a video of a particular routine that I have been doing every day.  I had previously recorded the video, but had some problems uploading it.  It will be available soon and I already have an entire post draft dedicated to getting moving!  Keep checking back.


  1. I love how you said that your not going to let your past rule the present. That's awesome! And also, I am totally addicted to that show "I Used to be fat". It's so inspiring to see people actually reach their goals. I haven't seen "Heavy" yet but I heard it's good too.

    Well keep up the great work and good posts! :)

  2. Great job sticking with it Boo! Can't wait to see your video! Love you.

  3. Great post! I think we all have time where we go out and just get caught in the moment and eat some bad things. I have found applebee's to be a very good restaurant choice too. They offer weight watchers meals and under 550 meals which still fit on weight watchers. They are at great price and don't taste bad at all. You are doing a great job Congrats! Keep up the good work and keep a good support system around and you will be just fine.

  4. P.S. I put a plug for you on my blog today! You kind of helped me without meaning too. LOL....